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writing in efl

A Qualitative Case Study of EFL Students' Affective.

The present paper reports a qualitative case study of investigating EFL students' affective reactions to and perceptions of their teachers' written feedback.

Languaging and Writing Skill: The Effect of Collaborative.

The purpose of this study is to explore the effect of using collaborative techniques and activities on EFL students' writing performance. A total of 35 .

TEFL Q and A- Chapter 9- Teaching Writing Skills

Q: So far, when we've discussed skills, you've continually emphasised the communicative aspect of the skills. For example, with reading, we discussed what we .

In the Importance of EFL Learners' writing Skill: Is there any.

showed that there is a strong relationship between EFL students' degree of content score and their writing skill. Keywords: essay tests; content score; writing skill .

journal writing as a springboard for creative writing in efl.

Journal writing has long been viewed and applauded as an effective means for native speakers of a language (L1) to explore their deeper thoughts and to .

Different methods of assessing writing among EFL teachers.

Although investigating the effectiveness of different methods of assessing writing in EFL classes has been one of the main objectives among researchers in Iran .

Metadiscourse in the academic writing of EFL and ESL.

Abstract: Metadiscourse is a universal rhetorical aspect of languages embodying the notion that the purpose of writing is not only informative; rather, it is a social .

Thesis/dissertation writing for efl students an esp course.

Thesis/dissertation writing for efl students an esp course design - Free essay mental retardation. World CALL Language. It is generally believed .

The Effectiveness of Adopting E-Readers to Facilitate EFL.

process of reading, annotation, and information retrieval with the unique functions. For EFL students' academic writing, e-reader can be a tool for reciprocal peer .

Creative Writing in the EFL Classroom - Wikibooks, open.

CREATIVE WRITING IN THE EFL CLASSROOM[edit]. See Also[edit]. Wikipedia's Creative Writing at /wiki/Creative_writing.